Internal dialogue, externalized



The stories that are stitched not together but along with are about women who lived normal, ordinary lives, as fate lined up an extraordinary journey for them;

Curried and flavored, with the pungence of garlic and the sting of ginger, they worked through karma; redesigning to make a life for themselves and for those around them!

Want to contribute a story? we would love to hear from you; share your original story; only ask is, it should be about women, not necessarily by women;


Subtexts, the drama of ideas, thoughts and conversations never unfolded, but intended in muffled undertones; the shades of grey in between the whisper and the scream; between the said and unsaid, the felt; the wasp of the breadth holding the words as they string out;

Postscripts, an afterthought, an intended aside, a casual disclosure; sometimes a chance to give a heads-up on subtexts; It can be any, none or all of this;


Owe it to you!! Varalakshamma, Sugunamma, Sathamma and Vajramma, thank you all for making these stories or shall I say the outpouring possible; these are not your stories, but you made it possible by sharing a small part of you with me; that small tiny DNA that drives me nuts, centered, lost all at the same time! Thank you for teaching me how to live, not exist!

If there was anything that I learnt from all of you it is love for life; in your own exuberant way, you showed me, be it in the goodies cooked, the trees planted, the buttermilk churned; the generosity exhibited at every turn and the grit with which you ploughed through, the strength you displayed when fate misplaced some lines, thank you all!!